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Everyone who knows me a bit better, should also be aware that I’ve always had a strong interest in food and everything related. After getting mad about my growing collection of notes, I decided to put these in order with the help of a Kirby-driven website. It was supposed to be a protected website, just acting as some kind of personal notebook for me. For the sake of forcing myself to keep things simple, I decided to edit everything directly on an Uberspace using only nano through SSH as an editor. And everything was just fine!

But somewhere around mid 2018, I thought about making things public. At the same time, I was also seeking for an opportunity at the time, which I could use for growing my drawing skills. Avo is a humanoid raven character, which I had already ideas about, and I wanted to give im a chance and put im into action. And so the name Avo’s Kitchen was born. I decided to write everything in my native language German, because it felt a lot more natural to me, when writing about cooking. Especially since I’m doing this for the first time in my live for a broader audience.

A lot of things happened in the meantime, some of them stopped me from working on the project for several months in a row, but in the end I finally wanted to put this thing online, though sadly with way fewer recipes, than I had planned for in the first place. The main reason for that is, that I’m lagging behind in taking decent photographs of many otherwise ready-to-publish recipes. I’m still working on my studio setup and on collecting some props, but this takes time, because this is more or less still a side-project. And many other important things take precedence over spending hours in an unheated photo studio during the wintermonths, cooking and photographing food.

But it’s still really relieving to put this thing out there and being able to publish things on the blog, which has – thanks to a great collaboration with Sebastian Greger – sophisticated and privacy-friendly comments and webmentions functionality. And yes, Avo’s Kitchen also features a monospaced font for body text! 🤘

Please head over here into the Kitchen:

Visit Avo’s Kitchen

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